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Paradigm Shift in Surgical Patient Care

Future surgery will become more patient-optimized based on surgical data science

HWs Competition

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SWs Competition

(Big Data, AI)

  • Marketability
  • Wristed Movement
  • Precision
  • Surgeon Comfort
  • Access to deep & angled spaces
  • 3D Visualization

AI & Big data platform for surgery

The core of the new paradigm of surgery is effective management of big data.
hutom leads the new paradigm with a big data platform for surgery.

Our Solution

  • Pre-op
    Better Surgery Preparation
    • Personalized Surgical Planning
    • Personal 3D Anatomy Map

      - CT/MRI 2D images

      - Virtual anatomy modeling

    • Pneumoperitoneum Modeling
    • Port Placement Planning
  • Intra-op
    Real-time Surgeon Assist
    • Surgical Realtime Navigation

      - Navigation providing the same view as the actual operation

      - Synchronized camera movement

      - VR Technology

    • Surgical Video Hub

      - 3D, 4K Recording

      - AI-Empowered imaging recognition

  • Post-op
    Surgery Analysis and Review
    • Surgical Video Data Analysis

      - Event recognition

      - Object detection

      - Data annotation

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The 1st AI-empowered surgical video hub

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The 1st surgical navigation platform for general surgery

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Intelligence platform for
surgical video analysis & review

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